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P&C friends and supporters, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be retiring from this blog to concentrate on some other things, and to thank you for stopping by in the time I’ve been here. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have. Stanley and Cup can now nap in peace!

In closing, I just want to say, love your pets, support your local animal shelters, and go forth and adopt!

Thanks again, and ta!

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 at 6:30 pm |

Hi-Tor raises big bucks


Congrats! This just in: Hi-Tor Animal Care Center announced today that it has received a total of $58,984.34 in donations – the highest dollar amount raised through a single fundraising campaign – through its Dollar for Dollar campaign.

The campaign began in March and ended on June 30. Thanks to a very generous anonymous donor, donations made to Hi-Tor Animal Care Center up to $20,000 during the four-month period were matched. All of the matched proceeds will go directly toward the care of the animals at the shelter – for medical expenses, spaying/neutering, etc.

“We are so grateful not only for the generosity of the anonymous donor, but also for the generosity of our supporters and everyone who contributed to the Dollar for Dollar campaign,” said Vivian Kiggins, executive director of Hi-Tor Animal Care Center. “More and more animals are being brought to our doorstep, and unfortunately, many of these animals end up staying with us for long periods of time. Although we receive funding from all of the towns and the county, we are still operating at a shortfall and rely largely on donations to meet the daily care expenses for our animals. These funds will enable us to continue providing the necessary care and services for our long-term residents until they are adopted out into their forever homes.”

The shelter also recently launched the Celebrate Nikko campaign, a fundraising campaign dedicated to raising money to subsidize the care for adoptable animals that need to stay at the shelter for lengthy periods of time. For additional information, call Vivian Kiggins at 845-354-7900 or e-mail info@hitor.org.

Founded in 1973, Hi-Tor Animal Care Center Inc. is a privately incorporated, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and improving animal life, promoting responsible pet adoption and ownership and providing humane treatment for all animals in its care. The facility is the only animal shelter in Rockland County and takes in approximately 2,500 animals annually. It has a small paid staff, with a volunteer Board of Directors and a team of volunteers.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Friday, July 30th, 2010 at 12:09 pm |

Yappy Hour at the Wonder Bar (Save the Sato dog)


Not that anybody should need a reason to visit the wonderful Wonder Bar in Asbury Park (NJ), but here’s one nonetheless. This just in:

On Saturday, Aug. 7 at 4 p.m., the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park and local animal welfare and rescue organizations will host a Sato Rescue Reunion, a celebration to raise awareness about the unbreakable spirit of Puerto Rico’s homeless street dogs. Dog owners from across the United States, including a large population of households on the Jersey Shore have fallen in love with the gentle, sweet Satos. Survival statistics for dogs in Puerto Rico’s shelters are grim – an astounding 97% are killed.

Thanks to a successful partnership that includes the life-saving efforts of a passionate team of individuals from local non-profits, Project Animal Worldwide and Wag on Inn Rescue, as well as Puerto Rico’s Amigos de los Animales, the Sato is gaining popularity in our area. It truly is a wonderful life for over 100 dogs who have found their forever homes on the Jersey Shore. Their new lives are a far cry from their time roaming Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico where people deliberately hurt or kill thousands of abandoned dogs each year.
“To visit a place like Dead Dog Beach is soul-shattering and a reminder to us at Project Animal Worldwide that our work is needed and important. Every dog is worth saving whether on our local streets, or on the beaches of Puerto Rico where there is a desperate need for humane education and resources,” said Ellen La Torre of Project Animal Worldwide.
“Wag On Inn Rescue understands the animal welfare crisis in Puerto Rico and knows that without our help there is very little hope for re-homing these gentle creatures. With a 3% adoption rate, the dogs depend on our help to find them loving forever homes,” said Kathy Miles of Wag on Inn Rescue.

At the Wonder Bar’s Yappy Hour, a weekly event started by bar proprietor and animal advocate Debbie DeLisa, where owners and their dogs are invited to enjoy a cocktail and barkin’ good conversation, Satos will be reunited with their saving grace, Adrienne Galler Lastra of Amigos de los Animales.
There is a “suggested” $5 donation at the door, 50/50 raffle, and a gift auction to benefit Project Animal Worldwide. Homemade dog treats will be given out and food and drink will also be available for purchase. Satos will receive a special appreciation bandana to memorialize the occasion. Adoptable Satos looking for a new best friend will also join the party.
The Wonder Bar is located at 1213 Ocean Ave. in Asbury Park, NJ. For more information about the event, contact Ellen La Torre, Sato Reunion Organizer, at 732-979-6499 or ellen@projectanimal.org

A $250 donation to Project Animal Worldwide will sponsor a Sato and includes spay/neuter, transport, shots, micro-chip, and leash and collar. Other donation options include $200 for transport; $50 spay /neuter, shots, chip, and leash and collar; and $25 to spay/neuter.

Individuals at the event may also fill out applications for the special opportunity to foster and/or adopt a Sato from Wag On Inn. Dogs coming up for adoption will be available on their website at www.wagoninn.rescuegroups.org.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 at 11:12 am |


Mount Vernon Animal Shelter dog walkers needed


Got this plea from The Mount Vernon (NY) Animal Shelter. Won’t you consider it?

With the come-on “Your feet + 2 feet = Heaven for a Dog”, Pet Rescue is making a plea to recruit walkers for the dogs at the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter. Judy Matos, Beth McCabe, Patty and Mary Oddoux and Celine Martin of Pet Rescue are walking and working closely with Megan Webster, the acting manager, Shawn Carroll and Luis Familia to help place dogs in adoptive homes and to make all of them more comfortable and ready for adoption. Another group is working with cats.
The Mount Vernon shelter, built in the mid 1970s serves a large population. The current recession has not lightened the responsibilities and burden that the shelter must carry. The small dedicated staff, occupied with countless other responsibilities, has to rely on volunteers to walk the dogs for exercise and fresh air.
On a positive note, the building, once largely standing alone just off Sanford Boulevard, now has bright new neighbors, Bed Bath & Beyond, Petco, TJ Max and Target, that draw people from a wide area in Westchester and the Bronx. The shelter address is 60 Garden Ave., just behind Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Pet Rescue hopes visitors will combine shopping with walking the dogs or adopting a companion animal from the shelter.
Walkers are needed every day, seven days a week. They must be at least 18 years old and can show up between 8 and 11 a.m. The walkers already on board have reported not only happier dogs but their own improved fitness and weight loss. They see it as a win-win situation and expect that others will too.
To sign up, call Matos at 914-632-7155, McCabe at 914- 216 2190, or Pet Rescue 914-834-6955, or e-mail petrescueNY@aol.com.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 3:07 pm |

Ball + Lab + deer = great video


You must check this out. You just must. It’s funny, and amazing….and don’t miss the watchful kitties at the very end.
Here’s what happens when you put a soccer ball, a black Lab and a baby deer together in a yard.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 1:33 pm |

Rescued dogs ready for homes


This just in from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Welcome to New York pups! Included here are pics of three of the dogs needing homes. (sorry for the coding problem…:)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescued 36 dogs from a “dog shoot” in Northern Canada that was scheduled to control the local dog population. IFAW worked with rescues and shelters across Eastern Canada to find homes for twenty-nine of the dogs. The remaining seven dogs will arrive at North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) in Port Washington, N.Y. today, where they will have a second chance at permanent homes in the United States.

IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project team was in a remote Canadian community providing vital veterinary care and humane education when concerned community members alerted IFAW’s team that due to concerns about the number of roaming dogs, unwanted dogs would soon be rounded up and shot. In many remote communities without access to regular veterinary care, this is often considered the only means of controlling the dog population.

“Once we heard about the dog shoot, we immediately collaborated with a vocal minority of community members who wanted to find a humane solution for these unwanted dogs,” said IFAW’s Canadian project manager, Jan Hannah. “It is a mark of tremendous progress for the community to move from dog shooting to considering transport as a humane alternative.”

This community is one of eight in which IFAW has been working with since 2002, providing veterinary services, animal welfare education and outreach, assistance with animal control regulations and, in some cases, finding homes for unwanted dogs.

North Shore Animal League America’s Joanne Yohannan said, “The seven dogs that are being humanely relocated represent the hope for all of the roaming dogs in this area. It is an example that you do not have to shoot animals to combat an overpopulation problem.”

In 2005, IFAW and NSALA teamed up during IFAW’s Chinese dog rescue to find new homes for 30 homeless dogs from an overcrowded shelter in China, which could not be legally re-homed in Beijing due to local size and breed restrictions and strict dog ownership regulations. These high profile dogs helped raise awareness about shelter pets and led to increased shelter adoptions. To adopt a dog or cat, contact North Shore Animal League America at 516-883-7575.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 11:44 am |


Two-footers: ARGH!


Don’t know how many readers I have from Milford, Conn., but please read this. If you don’t live there, maybe you just want to contribute to the reward. This just from In Defense of Animals:

Milford, Conn. (July 22, 2010) – On July 11, 2010 a two-year-old female Staffordshire Terrier, dubbed “Ginger” in the media, was found roaming the streets of Milford, Conn., with third degree burns all over her head and upper body. The international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals (IDA) has offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for scalding her.

According to Ginger’s guardian, Ginger had been missing since July 9, after she was tied up in front of the house to get her ready for a trip to the vet along with her pups. Days later, Milford Animal Control Services received reports about an injured dog and was able to retrieve her and provide medical care. It is unknown the exact cause or agent that was used to burn and potentially kill her, and the perpetrator(s) are still roaming the streets, possibly harming other animals.

“It is unconscionable that someone would commit such acts of depraved cruelty upon any animal,” said IDA president Scotlund Haisley. Citing the connection between violence to non-human animals and violence to people, Haisley added “someone who would commit such acts against animals is a threat to society and belongs behind bars. As scientific studies and the FBI concluded long ago, anyone who would be cruel to a dog is probably just warming up, and a spouse or girlfriend or child is in danger.”

Despite an outpouring of outrage, and generous donations to help cover her extensive medical costs, the individual(s) responsible have yet to be apprehended. IDA hopes its $2,500 reward offer will produce information leading to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the person(s) who burned Ginger.

Linda Marino, an attorney who lives in the Milford area and is working with IDA on this matter, said “The person who did this despicable act must be identified and brought to justice. Such cruelty to one of our fellow beings cannot be tolerated and must be severely punished. As an attorney who seeks to defend those who cannot defend themselves, I hope that the reward offered by In Defense of Animals will assist in bringing the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.”

Without casting blame on Ginger’s guardian, Haisley also noted that dogs should never be left tied up outside unattended. “There are numerous bad things that can happen when a dog is left tied up outside,” he said, “including choking, theft, escape, and acts of cruelty like what happened to Ginger.”

Anyone with information about how Ginger was injured should call the Milford Police Department’s Detective Bureau at 203-877-1465.

For more information, visit www.idausa.org.

P.S. For an antidote to this story, visit previous post 🙂 Thank heavens at least poor Ginger was found and cared for.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 at 5:39 pm |

P&C friends’ pets


Two sent in today, lucky me! The first lovely portrait subject you may know, the adorable yipster known as Casey, who belongs to good P&C friend ilb. I think here Casey may be thinking, “OK, I’ll let you take my picture, then can I go outside?”

This one is from Denise, whose lucky dogs get to Jetski every Sunday on Long Island Sound. Pictured here are Yogi, left, an 18-month-old poodle/wheaton terrier mix, and Buddy, a 9-year wheaton terrier zooming off Glen Island in New Rochelle (NY).

Oh yeah, the four-footers have names, too. Welcome to P&C Chris Ciotti and Kelly Soares. 🙂

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 1:56 pm |

Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart


I’m all for helping animal shelters and animal welfare groups all over the place, hence this post. This just in (kinda, I got it before I left for my weekend):

Purina and Kroger will donate $150,000 to animal welfare organizations in 2010 as part of the “Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart” campaign and will recognize the outstanding efforts of animal welfare organizations nationwide.
Consumers are invited to visit www.TalesForThePetLoversHeart.com through July 31 to vote for their favorite pet tale submitted by 18 animal welfare organizations nationwide.
The five pet tales that receive the most votes will be brought to life through video.
• Along with Purina and Kroger, Trisha Sutter of TV’s “The Bachelorette” will select the “Top Tale” of 2010 and award the submitting animal welfare organization with $50,000.
• 4 runners up will each receive $11,500.
• All participating animal welfare organizations will receive a $3,000 donation.

So, go cast your vote!

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 3:01 pm |


Purr’n Pooch Foundation events


The Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals will be rocking the Jersey Shore over the next several months with various fundraising events to help it continue providing financial support and educational resources to nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue groups and organizations.
Four-leggers invited to all events! So, mark your calendars:

• Barks ‘N Burritos
A family and Fido fiesta with authentic Mexican cuisine and Mariachi music!
July 21, 5 to 9 p.m., D’jeet Restaurant · The Grove · Shrewsbury
Tickets, $40 per person
Virgin Barkaritas (BYOB)
Special Bow Wow Botanas for four-legged guests!
For reservations, call D’jeet at 732-224-8887

• Puttin on the Dog
The latest doggie styles for fashion hounds!
Aug. 19, 6 to 8 p.m., Paws & Pose · Pier Village · Long Branch
Canines on the Catwalk Runway Show, 6:30 to 7 p.m.
Free Admission · Door Prizes
“Blue Muttini Bar” courtesy of Mix · Brighton Avenue · Long Branch
Shop for fetching attire for your best friend to wear at the Blue Moon Bark Ball! Special orders can be placed the night of the show.

• Barkin on the Block
Meet & greet on the street! Treats, giveaways and more!
Sept. 4, 5 to 9 p.m., Asbury Bark, Cookman Avenue

• Blue Moon Bark Ball
Oct. 9, 6 to 10 p.m., Ocean Place Resort · Long Branch
Cocktails · Dining · Dancing
Signature “Blue Muttini” Cocktail · Open Bar · Surf & Turf Entree
Entertainment by Eddie Bruce Music
Live Auction · Silent Auction
Special Gift Basket Auction by Greyhound Friends of NJ
King & Queen of the Ball Awards · Cash Prizes!
Tickets, $200 per person, includes your dog

All events benefit the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals.
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals · P.O. Box 7352 · Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 1:32 pm |
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