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Rescued dogs ready for homes


This just in from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Welcome to New York pups! Included here are pics of three of the dogs needing homes. (sorry for the coding problem…:)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescued 36 dogs from a “dog shoot” in Northern Canada that was scheduled to control the local dog population. IFAW worked with rescues and shelters across Eastern Canada to find homes for twenty-nine of the dogs. The remaining seven dogs will arrive at North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) in Port Washington, N.Y. today, where they will have a second chance at permanent homes in the United States.

IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project team was in a remote Canadian community providing vital veterinary care and humane education when concerned community members alerted IFAW’s team that due to concerns about the number of roaming dogs, unwanted dogs would soon be rounded up and shot. In many remote communities without access to regular veterinary care, this is often considered the only means of controlling the dog population.

“Once we heard about the dog shoot, we immediately collaborated with a vocal minority of community members who wanted to find a humane solution for these unwanted dogs,” said IFAW’s Canadian project manager, Jan Hannah. “It is a mark of tremendous progress for the community to move from dog shooting to considering transport as a humane alternative.”

This community is one of eight in which IFAW has been working with since 2002, providing veterinary services, animal welfare education and outreach, assistance with animal control regulations and, in some cases, finding homes for unwanted dogs.

North Shore Animal League America’s Joanne Yohannan said, “The seven dogs that are being humanely relocated represent the hope for all of the roaming dogs in this area. It is an example that you do not have to shoot animals to combat an overpopulation problem.”

In 2005, IFAW and NSALA teamed up during IFAW’s Chinese dog rescue to find new homes for 30 homeless dogs from an overcrowded shelter in China, which could not be legally re-homed in Beijing due to local size and breed restrictions and strict dog ownership regulations. These high profile dogs helped raise awareness about shelter pets and led to increased shelter adoptions. To adopt a dog or cat, contact North Shore Animal League America at 516-883-7575.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 11:44 am |

Rock star pig rescue


The joy of being in this is business is you never know what’s going to come across the transom on any given day. Today’s gift was this story about Kim Gordon, a 6-week-old piglet. I got this from the New York Shelter Farm Sanctuary based in Watkins Glen, NY.
It seems this fragile little piglet fell off the back of a transport truck in South Dakota in mid-July, and no one noticed, or cared or went back for her — that is, until Lanore Hahn and her rock ‘n’ roll boyfriend’s concert tour took an unexpected turn. Thanks to Hahn, late last night the tiny piglet, named “Kim Gordon” in honor of the legendary Sonic Youth vocalist and bass player, arrived to a rock star’s reception at her new home at the sanctuary, a farm animal protection organization. Here’s Kim Gordon!

So, Hahn had been on the road for a long time touring with her boyfriend’s band (whose signature image, which she designed, and appears on all of their CDs, posters and shirts, is coincidentally a pig) when they strayed off course onto a backcountry highway on their way back to Wisconsin and spotted the little piglet running around in the middle of the road in Mitchell, S.D. Confused to see a piglet all alone in the middle of prairieland, with no buildings or farmhouses around, they stopped the car and attempted to catch her. Once she was caught, the compassionate couple placed the baby animal in their vehicle, where she promptly fell into a 10-hour deep sleep.

While the piglet slept, the couple attempted to locate the origins of the exhausted animal. They spoke with people from three different farms farther down the highway, all of whom informed them that there were no pig facilities in the area and they didn’t know where the piglet could have come from. Perplexed even further at this point, Hahn phoned the local animal control authority, which sent an officer to speak with her. Given the condition of the piglet, who had a severe sunburn over many of the exposed parts of her body and painful road rash on her belly, chin, and back, the animal control officer was the first to surmise that she had fallen off the back of a transport truck. The officer then informed Hahn that if she handed the baby pig over to authorities, they would most likely shoot the animal. At that moment, Hahn knew she had no other choice but to bring the piglet back with her to Wisconsin.

Back at home, Lanore did everything she could for her new friend — gradually introducing her to more solid foods, treating her wounds with antiseptic lotion daily, and giving her some much-needed T.L.C. While the piglet’s health remains somewhat shaky, she has been improving steadily.

“Her future looks bright: she is well on her way to recovery and will become an ambassador for other factory farm pigs who suffer every day in hot, overcrowded transport trucks on their way to finishing facilities and slaughterhouses across the country,” said the Farm Sanctuary’s national shelter director, Susie Coston. “Her life on the road is over, but here, she will always be a rock star.”

Kim Gordon the piglet joins other famous rescued pigs at the New York Shelter who came to Farm Sanctuary under similar circumstances — including Truffles and Terrin, both found wandering interstate highways after falling off transport trucks in Indiana and Ohio respectively.

From me: Congrats little piggie! Long may you oink!

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 at 4:27 pm |

Two-footers: ARGH!


Don’t know how many readers I have from Milford, Conn., but please read this. If you don’t live there, maybe you just want to contribute to the reward. This just from In Defense of Animals:

Milford, Conn. (July 22, 2010) – On July 11, 2010 a two-year-old female Staffordshire Terrier, dubbed “Ginger” in the media, was found roaming the streets of Milford, Conn., with third degree burns all over her head and upper body. The international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals (IDA) has offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for scalding her.

According to Ginger’s guardian, Ginger had been missing since July 9, after she was tied up in front of the house to get her ready for a trip to the vet along with her pups. Days later, Milford Animal Control Services received reports about an injured dog and was able to retrieve her and provide medical care. It is unknown the exact cause or agent that was used to burn and potentially kill her, and the perpetrator(s) are still roaming the streets, possibly harming other animals.

“It is unconscionable that someone would commit such acts of depraved cruelty upon any animal,” said IDA president Scotlund Haisley. Citing the connection between violence to non-human animals and violence to people, Haisley added “someone who would commit such acts against animals is a threat to society and belongs behind bars. As scientific studies and the FBI concluded long ago, anyone who would be cruel to a dog is probably just warming up, and a spouse or girlfriend or child is in danger.”

Despite an outpouring of outrage, and generous donations to help cover her extensive medical costs, the individual(s) responsible have yet to be apprehended. IDA hopes its $2,500 reward offer will produce information leading to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the person(s) who burned Ginger.

Linda Marino, an attorney who lives in the Milford area and is working with IDA on this matter, said “The person who did this despicable act must be identified and brought to justice. Such cruelty to one of our fellow beings cannot be tolerated and must be severely punished. As an attorney who seeks to defend those who cannot defend themselves, I hope that the reward offered by In Defense of Animals will assist in bringing the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.”

Without casting blame on Ginger’s guardian, Haisley also noted that dogs should never be left tied up outside unattended. “There are numerous bad things that can happen when a dog is left tied up outside,” he said, “including choking, theft, escape, and acts of cruelty like what happened to Ginger.”

Anyone with information about how Ginger was injured should call the Milford Police Department’s Detective Bureau at 203-877-1465.

For more information, visit www.idausa.org.

P.S. For an antidote to this story, visit previous post 🙂 Thank heavens at least poor Ginger was found and cared for.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 at 5:39 pm |


Save these beagles!


Argh! Two-footers! Here’s a preview of a story you can read in full tomorrow here at LoHud.com

Four beagles are now living at the Hudson Valley Humane Society, where they are waiting to be adopted.
But they could just as easily be somewhere very different.
Not that long ago, Scout, Tutti-Frutti, Zoey, and Roxxy were living in a laboratory in New Jersey, where they were used for testing, either for pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.
When the laboratory was shut down, the Best Friends Animal Society of Utah came in to take the beagles, which numbered more than 120. Four of the beagles were then given to the Humane Society.

Here’s Zoe, left, and Roxxy, begging for attention at the shelter in Pomona (NY).

I would love to come back here Monday and learn they’ve all been given a good home. The shelter is at 200 Quaker Road in Pomona, NY. Call 845-354-3124.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Friday, July 9th, 2010 at 2:30 pm |

Tom Chapin to perform at shelter fundraiser


Mark your calendars folks. This sounds like a great day, obviously for a great cause.

The Putnam Humane Society will host a “Dog Day Afternoon” fundraiser featuring Grammy-winner Tom Chapin and five other local bands, July 24 from 1 to 7 p.m. at Mayor’s Park on Fair Street in Cold Spring (NY). Gates open at noon, rain or shine.
The following bands will perform, starting at 1 p.m,. and continuing on the hour until Chapin at 6 p.m: The Cold Spring Band, Tiki Daddy, Tribes Hill Song Writer’s Circle, Hope Machine, and Swamp Gumbo
Buy tickets online at www.puthumane.org or the day of the show at the park.
Advance tickets are $15 adults, $20 day of show; advance children age 12 to 18 $10, $12 day of show; advance children under 12, $5, $7 day of show. Family tickets (two adults, two kids) are $35 in advance, $40 day of show
Call 845 225-7777 or 917-853-6821 for more information.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 7:00 am |

Dog’s guide dog


This story just brings tears to my eyes, along with a smile. I love these kinds of stories. This was sent to me by brother blog colleague through the usual e-mail trail, but originated with the Manchester Evening News and this blurb below comes from Paw Nation. But I encourage you to read the whole story. Leo, you are one special rocking dog!

(Photo: Emma Williams, Manchester Evening News Syndication)

These two dogs are more than just best friends, they share a rare bond.

Ellie, a young cavalier King Charles spaniel in England, is almost completely blind. While her owner and a local animal organization are working to raise money for a vision-restoring operation, a German shepherd named Leo has taken matters into his own paws, and is protecting and guiding her.

“Ellie has cataracts on both eyes and is only aware of shadows,” explains Jean Spencer, manager of Rochdale’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in an interview with the Manchester Evening News. “But Leo, who’s an absolutely massive dog, has become her eyes. It’s touching to watch them together. She follows him around and snuggles up to him.”

Ellie was part of a litter of five puppies rescued from harsh conditions by the RSPCA, says Julie Lander, an RSPCA volunteer and Leo and Ellie’s owner. “As well as having cataracts, Ellie’s eye muscles haven’t developed as they should have as she’d been kept in the dark. The puppies had no light or heating. I felt so sorry for her when she arrived, and knew she’d need a special home. But I also knew she would be all right with Leo, as he just loves little dogs and they took to one another straight away,” Lander tells the Manchester Evening News.

Lander goes on to explain how Leo’s almost 90 pounds of bulk helps keep his new charge safe. “I take them for walks in the park and Leo guides Ellie around. He is so protective and herds the more boisterous dogs away from her,” Julie says.

No one has commented on whether Leo can actually tell that Ellie is disabled or if he is caring for her based solely on her size. If Ellie’s problem is ever fixed, it will be interesting to see whether she will continue to share the same bond with Leo.

Although they already have had at least one fundraiser, the RSPCA does not yet have enough money to pay for Ellie’s operation. If you would like to donate, go to www.rspca-rochdale.org.uk.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 2:59 pm |


Celebrity Catwalk’s “Yappy Hour”


This just in: Event takes place June 25 in New York City. Go to Celebrity Catwalk for tickets.

Every year in Hollywood, top celebrities lend their time & talent by hitting the catwalk for charity, raising funds and awareness for National Animal Rescue. Jamie Foxx, Nicole Richie, Melissa Rivers and Bridget Marquardt are a few of the animal loving celebrities who have hosted this fashion show which fuses the worlds of fashion and entertainment into one unforgettable evening.
Between 6-8 million dogs & cats enter shelters each year. Proceeds from Celebrity Catwalk go directly to non-profit organizations who work tirelessly to put a dent in those staggering statistics.
With the help of today’s hottest designers, stars from film and television participate as celebrity models in this highly anticipated fashion & lifestyle event. The media has also taken notice and Celebrity Catwalk has been covered by Extra! And Entertainment Tonight.

New York City Reception Featuring a Silent Auction Friday June 25th, 6 to 9 p.m. Tickets, $25.

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Friday, June 18th, 2010 at 1:44 pm |

Free spay/neuter clinic


It’s free for some breeds, low-cost for others. So there’s no reason not to get this taken care of, if you haven’t already right? This just in:

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SPCA law enforcement


In case you missed this story in Wednesday’s Journal News or on LoHud.com, I thought I’d give you all a chance to read about the two fine men — a father/son duo — who tirelessly work to keep animals in Westchester County safe from harm. It’s a lousy job. They come across a lot of lousy stuff. But thank heavens they’re out there.

A special P&C shout out from me to SPCA Chief Kenneth Ross of Westchester’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and his son, SPCA Detective Kenneth Ross. (Yep, two Kennys!)

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 at 3:25 pm |


Puppy reunion time


What a grand idea! This just from the Putnam Humane Society:

Posted by Laurel Babcock on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 5:09 pm |

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