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P&C friends and supporters, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be retiring from this blog to concentrate on some other things, and to thank you for stopping by in the time I’ve been here. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have. Stanley and Cup can now nap in peace!

In closing, I just want to say, love your pets, support your local animal shelters, and go forth and adopt!

Thanks again, and ta!

This entry was posted on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 at 6:30 pm by Laurel Babcock. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
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93 Responses to “Ta!”

  1. CR9

    I dont believe this :cry:

  2. Laurel Babcock

    Thanks CR, you’ve been a great fan! But we all must move on….:)

  3. ilb2001

    Somewhat unexpected. And disappointing, to be honest. We will miss you, Laurel. And we will miss this place.

  4. CCCP

    WHAT?? WHY??? WHEN???

  5. Linda

    wtb???? i’m sorry to see it end. Always a bit of cuteness when you posted pics.

    time to make a facebook group!

  6. BlueBlood

    You’ve done a terrific amount of good here, besides all the cute stuff. Will you still be with LoHud? Either way, congrats on a job well done and thank you for all that you do here and on the brother blog.

  7. Laurel Babcock

    Thank you all! Still with LoHud and brother blog…

    Linda, we’ll talk….CR has some ideas too.

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the comments. Thanks again.

  8. CCCP

    so that means no more Shibby story??

  9. EddieJ

    BlueBlood is absolutely right. You’ve done a lot of good by speaking for the animals who can’t speak for themselves. They’re losing a good friend. You, as well as the animals you feature, have been tremendously tremendous! Your blog will be missed. : (

  10. Diane Terezakis

    Wow, what a disappointment. A lot of people will miss you, including me. Wow, can’t believe it.

  11. Sally

    What? No! Me & the kitties are not okay with this.

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum

    Mandlebaum, Laurel, Mandlebaum…

  13. Ilb2001

    So it’s still up, ha? Maybe things will change?

  14. Mike(IA)

    hey babs, sorry about the blog goin down. never came here too much. dont have any pets, but i was just gonna start comin here after i saw u guys talkin about it more. sucks. hope you get a new blog soon.

  15. Margie

    Hi, Laurel. I wrote to you on RR last night as PUCK DROPS HERE. :) Stopping by to say hello. Yes, I’m one of few ladies on RR but I don’t let on! lol! I hope you are reasonably happy with your “new” role with LoHud. Will you have your own blog? I think it’s amazing that you and Carp keep RR going when it’s not even part of your jobs. How rare is that these days? Kudos to you both.

  16. Diane Terezakis

    You’ve helped so many people and their four legged friends. I wish you could still do what you’ve been doing, as it’s been a great service of networking to help animals in need. You are an angel.

  17. Tony from AZ

    Good luck Laurel !

  18. Laurel Babcock

    I still have a job all! This wasn’t it, this was a non-labor of love. Hope to see you again soon on the interweb in this capacity somehow.

    And thank you. Thank you so much!

  19. CR9
  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz rule!!!!

    Any site about pets is a site worth having.

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz rule!!!!

    My cat spoooks said “meoow” to everyone.

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz rule!!!!

    GO RANGERSSSS!!!!!!!

  23. CR9

    YIPPPEEE!! 3 more comments!!!!!! Make it 4!!! Bring P&C back!! Save the animals!!!

  24. ilb2001

    Is it back?

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz rule!!!!

    Hey this place is funner ( more fun ,as fun..) then the R & R !!!! Umm I don’t think “funner” is a proper word.

    Ive owned an alligator for 8 years and now have her stuffed in my livingroom . ( back in the day it was legal to own one)

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz rule!!!!

    Just remeber to spay’d and neutor your pet and that the New York Rangers rule.

  27. ilb2001

    Hey, I have a few cute doggie pictures, in case someone is interested.

  28. CR9

    I miss P&C :cry:

    Please resurrect P&C, Gannett

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz




    wohooooooooo this place rocks!!!!! Im perty sure we can bounce this thingy up to 100 …

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Must stay on the topic of pets….

    The cutest baby ive ever owned was a baby porcupine .

    I had a few hedgehogs that I could hold ( couldnt hold the porcupine). Never get a hedgehog btw. They get fleas easy and they kinda smell like skunks. They are cute for one day…

  31. Jlone2Bubblehead

    Sad.. another one of my favorite corners of the internet has come to pass.. Happy trails.

  32. Sean Avery

    Hi Laurel,

    When I’m not studying hockey and fashion, I’m visiting this wonderful site of yours. I can’t wait to see you in the seats at MSG this year.



  33. BlueBlood

    Can we start a petition to bring P&Cs back? What if you get a hundred hits a day? How many will it take??? – we want Stanley & Cup, a voice for the pets, and most of all we want Laurel!!!

    Seriously, what about an e-mail campaign to LoHud?

  34. CR9


    I was thinking the same thing. We can all send multiple emails to LoHud. Who would be the proper person to email about it?

  35. ilb2001

    OK, so who do we talk to? Seriously.

  36. BlueBlood


    September 7th, 2010 at 3:35 pm
    The Paws and Claws Petition is located at


    Please post it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    First things first ..lets get this blog over 100!!!!!

    Word of no lie…I had a pet box turtle that could stand on his back legs. ( I tried to get him to walk ) Using a worm!!!

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    My Cat fetches paper balls!!! ( she actually brings it back)

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Not that I walk her alot , but my cat takes to a harness really well. I can lead her ( have to say come onnn ) to get her to keep going. I snap my fingers and she stops.

  40. BlueBlood

    ZzZz – How in the world did you get a turtle to stand on his back legs?

    I had a turtle when I was a kid too. I remember feeding it raw hamburger bits – yuck. Don’t see too many of those as pets anymore….probably a good thing. We used to let them have races up the screen windows. (belated sorry to those poor turtles.)

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Blueblood , well my buddy thought it was amazing . I wanted to futher the trick and get him to walk and I got really upset and flung ther turtle under the bed. I was young ,stuiped and way too demanding. I have learned to not “over expect” anything and it has made me a better pet owner. I have had tons of reptiles as a child and many “animal raising” sessions. I even got goldfish to mate and lay eggs and I raised the babies. ( Black Moors)

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    I actually tricked my mom into thinking my alligator was a Salamander!!! Then my sister at the kitchen table would say …” Mom , I dont think thats a salamander Greg has there in his bed room!!.” , I said ” Mom , where would I get an alligator in the middle of Canada?” ” my sister then brought it up again a few weeks later…” Mom , that sucker is huge now!!!!”

    I did then confessed I was housing a baby alligator ( south American speckeled Caiman). By that time I was too attached to her and my mom let me keep it.

  43. BlueBlood

    Errr – keep it for how long? How big did it get, and do you still have 10 fingers and 10 toes?

    I remember when everyone in NY was buying baby alligators and then flushing them when they got too big and there were horror stories about giant monster killer gators in all the sewers. What was everyone thinking buying alligators? Where’d you get yours?

  44. BlueBlood

    One hundred forty-nine signatures on CR’s petition in a little over 24 hours – Laurel rocks.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Blueblood , I saw mine in a pet shop for $90 .I got her Jan 9 ,1988 . She was 1 month old. ( 9 inches long ) . Ive had her for 10 years then she died while I was gone ( her light burned out in her new place) It was dumb of me to have her in the basement but my MOM would phone me up and say…” that dam Alligator will eat your daughter some day!!!” My mom was happy my gator died. She was ‘round 3 1/2 feet ( females are smaller)and I froze here for 7 years before I got her stuffed for $650 ( freeze dried to perfection!!). I have her in my living room in a custom case so my cat wont destroy it. I never got bite by my gator cuz I was smart. My buddy got bit a few times. Haha ( longer stories)

  46. BlueBlood

    UGGGGG – Greg you got it stuffed!!! I’d leave it outside my front door every night – better than a watch dog I’ll bet. Tell me you’re pulling my leg

    I went through my share of pets when I was a kid but particularly remember my canary – she hung in a cage in the dinig room and we kept the extra chair near the cage. The neighbors cat got in one day and hopped up on the chair and was batting the cage around. The bird seemed ok but scared, then it fell over of its perch. The landlady gave it some Irish whiskey and the bird popped right back up and seemed fine – do birds faint? Anyway about 2 days later all her feathers fell out and never grew back. We had the ugliest bald bird you have ever seen. It was terrifying – lol – at least when your 5. I hated the poor thing after that but it lived a long time.

  47. BlueBlood

    Wonder what Chippy would have looked like if she saw your gator! By the way, isn’t the cat afraid of the gator? And although I’m not sure I want to know…..froze it where? Not next to the frozen peas and waffles right?

    We also had a dog that continually sucked on a blanket – naturally named it Linus. I seem to have weird pets…why would a dog spend all day sucking on a blanket for 14 years?

    Maybe its me…my current dog is semi-normal though.

  48. Ilb2001

    You guys are killing me!

  49. BlueBlood

    Doesn’t look exactly like good ole Chippy, but you get the general idea


  50. CR9

    BlueBlood September 9th, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    LOL! Hilarious!

    My pups are whiny complainers with heart problems. Like father like pups, I presume!

  51. BlueBlood

    CR9 –

    I am not bald and do not suck on a blanket. I do rather resemble a chicken and sometimes chase my tail however – lol.

    Great job on keeping the petition up, you’re terrific!

  52. BlueBlood

    Where do you think he kept that thing frozen for all that time????

  53. CR9


    LOL! Have you looked into having the tail removed? ;)

    Im trying; Ive messaged hundreds of people that are fans of animal facebook pages, and it seems that very few others are signing it :(

    He probably kept it frozen under an ice pond in Canada!

  54. BlueBlood


    Of course I’ve thought of it, that’s why I’m trying to catch the dang thing!

    Don’t worry, it will pick up a bit once the season starts and all the boneheads come back. I’ll try to think of another way to get it out there too. I was advised the e-mail campaign was not the way to go.

  55. CR9



    I was advised the same thing re: email campaign :)

    Im now trying to get famous people on Twitter to RT it.

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Blueblood , That Canary story is awsome!!! Yeah the bird fainted or knocked itself out. It was so stressed it lost its feathers but lived a long time. Awsome story !!! I like hearing when the birds live. My budgie was finger trained and would sit out on a cable that hung around at the fireplace mantle. He was a pretty male and could say a few words. My friends budgie could say over 12 words!!!

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Blueblood , My cat never looks at the gator cuz its motionless in a sealed cabnet . She never looks at it cuz it doesn’t move.

    Now the frozen gator part….

    Funny ya would asked that … I had to freeze her cuz I never had the cash to stuff her ( taxidermy) and no one in Saskatchewan could do it. Except for 1 guy , with a state of the art ( only 1 in canada at the time) a freeze dryng unit. My gator looks beutiful!!!

    ... Ive had people say …” you got a gator in your freezer , gross!!!” I had to , and had it wrapped up really well and she was freshly dead when she was froze. I had a smaller freezer ( apt size ) just for her …and maybe a pail of ice cream or two , hahaha!!

  58. CR9

    ZZZZ – You are one funny amazing guy!

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Any thing I say on here or anywhere …is 100 percent true.
    I would never exagerate and if anything , I leave out important parts.

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Who you calling funny? Do I amuse you? Am I here for your amusement? Puttter up!!!! HAHAHA!!! Nice to see ya!!

    Im not trying to be funny but one time I had a preying Mantis fly off my finger and onto my brothers girlfriends face!!!!! HAHAHAA , I was showing them my Mantis….She says ” better not let that thing jump on my face!!!!”

    I said , Nawwww …then “flap flap” it flew right on her face!!!! OMG was she freaking out!!!!!

    ...or the time my brother inlaw wanted to pet my gator while it was in its home ( cut in half dog house outline with a water bed mattress)...he asked if he can pet its tail….well the gator turnd around and smacked his hand with the side of her mouth!!!! Wow he jumped back so fast and was terrified!!! Funny thing is Ive nevr gotton bit.

  61. CR9

    ZZZZ – I wasnt questioning anything you say; you’re just a funny guy!

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Cr9 , I know ya weren’t questioning me but I had to put the record straight. Some peeps would think I’m spouting off a bunch of gibberish but its far from the truth . Before I was a Ranger fan and while I was being a fan …I was an avid Animal lover. I have tons of books I have read and having alot of pets sure helps the learning process. Growing up with a friend who loves animals as well sure helped too . We would often “quiz” each other on who was the fastest and the largest.

  63. BlueBlood

    Greg, you must have really loved that gator – I can’t believe you kept it that way for all that time. The half doghouse thing sounds awesome too. By the way, I’ll pass on that ice cream….I think maybe because of your “freshly dead” line! By the way, nobody doubts you – who could make this stuff up?

    Its funny but I don’t like birds as pets anymore – living with a bird with no feathers when you’re a kid kind of leaves a lasting impression. Well, that and the Hitchcock version of The Birds. Yikes! When I think of birds I think of that bald canary and see Tippi Hendren in a phone booth. Check out what me and my nephew got in our stockings last
    Xmas to reinforce those memories – I have a very distrubed family, lol.


  64. Ilb2001

    Hey, I have tons of pictures of all different animals from NZ. It’s mostly sheep( hey, it’s free range), cows and deer. Yes, deer. They keep it exactly like they keep sheep and cows. I’ll post the link after I’m back home.

  65. CR9

    Thanks, ilb! We cant wait!

    BB and ZZZZZ –

    How about nicknames for pets! I’ll start it off – Taylor is Soobeyman, Soopeyman; Tiki is Tikadoo among 100 others; RedBone is Teddy, Redbonious Monk (a play off of Felonious Monk)

  66. CR9

    i meant Thelonious Monk :lol:

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Ilb , If you post ‘em …I will check them out . Make sure cuz I’d like to see them.

    Tim , yer kooky!! HAHAHA!!

    BB , thats some weird figurine . Thats a riot!! Birds are noisy . Everytime my ex would start yelling at someone…the bird would yakk so loud ,she would scream at it to shut up and throw a shoe at the cage!!!

  68. BlueBlood

    ILB – would love to see those pics

    Tim – I’m not imaginative enough for that – I think you are the one with the flare for clever nicknames – start with the Gator and the Bald Canary – lets see what you come up with!

    Greg – I told you my family is disturbed!! They knew it would creep me out bigtime. Who came up with a Barbie Doll being attacked by birds – sick, lol.

    I had a friend who had a Mina bird (a rescue, it was one legged) that used to yell “Grandma agaaaiiin” everytime the phone rang. I don’t know about the shoe throwing though…

    Ha – listen to these stories…if this isn’t proof we need Laurel to tell us how to manage our pets I don’t know what is!

  69. BlueBlood

    I also just found out that some parrots and other birds live like 40 years….that is one long commitment to a pet.

    Anybody in Westchester know a good place to board dogs at a reasonable rate…I want to go away for a weekend but the dog is very timid with people and the places around here seem fairly awful. Don’t want to traumatize it when it is already skittish.

  70. Ilb2001

    Blueblood- Laurel may know.
    Speaking of birds. New Zealanders call themselves kiwis. But not because of the fruit, but because of the famous bird. Apparently, you can barely find them here. Our local guide once told us the last time he saw one was 6 years ago lol. But they have many different birds. One of them is Kia. Apparently, it’s considered to be the most intelligent bird on the planet. Isn’t afraid of people, comes very close and if you are not careful, will grab anything you hold- food, cameras, cellphones etc. I wonder if it sells iPhones on the black market.

  71. CR9

    BB – You’re not imaginative, huh? Quit being modest :)

    Tiki goes to vet in 7 hours My little lady didnt get anything to eat after 6 pm – even though they said 10 pm.

    If I had a gator, his/her nickname would be Guidry or Louisiana Lightning!

  72. BlueBlood

    ILB – A Kia sounds like a pickpocket’s dream pet – just imagine if you could send them out and train them to carry things back like a homing pigeon! I never even knew either of those types of birds existed – very jealous of your trip -sounds exciting.

    CR9 – There ya go, I love it – Louisiana Lightning! A strike by him would be a little more deadly than a Guidry strike, eh? Very clever!

    Poor Tiki – at least it isn’t so hot when you can’t give food or water for so long. Good luck to you both, and be sure to let us know how it goes.

  73. BlueBlood

    Hey Greg, what was the Gator’s real name?

  74. CR9

    Thanks BB. Will do!

    I couldn’t imagine having a gator. Apparently, they are not their aggressive selves outside of their natural habitat, but Id be too afraid of a Sigfried and Roy type thing. :shudders:

  75. BlueBlood

    Anyone else having trouble posting?

  76. BlueBlood

    CR – Glad you and Tiki made it home OK – great news

  77. BlueBlood

    ILB – Apparently not only the Kia could be used for felonious purposes. Story on AOL today about drug runners in South America using parrots for lookouts. They yell “Run away, you’re gonna get caught” when they see something suspicious. Can’t believe it…

  78. BlueBlood

    CR – Sigfried and Roy gave me the shudders before the incident…its a miracle that guy lived. They’re crazy!

    I’m with you on the Gator too – I don’t want any pet that may decide I’m lunch.

  79. CR9

    Yep. Have had some troubles posting also.

    Thanks BB for keeping me and the little lady in your thoughts! She is still resting. Hasn’t moved once from her spot since around 7 pm.

    lol, not gators or tigers for either of us!

  80. Ilb2001

    So apparently when New Zealand broke out as a land, it didn’t take too many animals with it. Locals are very proud that their land didn’t take any parasites- they have no Mosquitos, any type of snakes, no gators etc. However, when people arrive from Europe (Dutch first), they brought sheep, cows, horses etc. That was fine. But then they decided to start some fur industry. They brought possums from Europe. Well, the fur industry never took off, but possums did. They are pests and destroy their crops and trees. So they brought some rabbits to compete with possums. You can imagine how that worked out. There were rabbits everywhere, eating away their crops and fruits. Guess what, humans brought in some stouts. LOL. The stouts apparently figured out that rabbits are much more difficult to catch than birds. For many years the local birds had nobody to hide from so they stopped flying. Well, stouts took care of those and are still destroying their nests and eggs. There is a big trapping program in NZ. They catch hundreds of thousands stouts a year and still can’t do any damage.


  81. BlueBlood

    Since Laurel is no longer able to provide us with such news, please check out this site for pet adoption days (Oct 2 and 3rd) throughout Westchester, including a Seniors to Seniors with declawed older cats for Seniors:


    We need Laurel back!

  82. BlueBlood

    Can see by the Site Meter that this site had over 700 visits this week alone – please all of you who are still reading make the effort to sign the petition set up by our friend CR9 to save this blog.


    September 7th, 2010 at 3:35 pm
    The Paws and Claws Petition is located at


    Please post it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can.

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Ilb , its crazy when ya introduce new animals in a habitat such as that. Interesting what ya wrote .

    Blueblood , My gator ( south american specaled caiman -related to the aligator more than a croc )was a female but I called her “Chuck” I always called her chuck and in pictures I always wrote me and Chuck!! Kinda got the name by “chucking down” large pieces or trout.

    Cr9 , yer a great pet owner dude.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz

    Hermit crabs have a perty ugly looking butt!! It looks like a worm and it is very tender. To see a hermit crab out of its shell is a hard thing to come across . I as a kid was curious what they looked like so….As an idiot i was at times , I lerned a trick from my best friend. Pour semi warm water on the shell. It heats up the shell and the poor little crab runs out naked. I was in a hurry and left the crab in its container without its shell and when I returned home…

    The Hermit crab had its butt in a hole from a castle ordnament used as its new home!!! Totally redicuals!! I was stuiped for leaving the poor guy alone , it knocked over the castle and it put its bottom in the hole of the ordament. clever crab.

  85. CR9

    Thanks ZZZ! I call myself a daddy rather than pet owner! And Tiki is a daddy’s girl!

    LOL @ Hermit crabs! & Chuck!

  86. Mama is the best

    Tiki Teddy, Taylor tales!!!!!!!!! Come on Yankees, win this game, Im tiiiiired!!!

  87. Laurel is the best

    Toooooooooooooooooooooki! Toooooooooooooooooooooooki Crisp!

  88. Ilb2001

    Ha! It’s still here. Does anyone want any dog pictures? Stories? Hello?

  89. CR9

    Oh the internet elsewhere is frightful,
    But the P&C is so delightful,
    And since we’ve no place to go,
    Let the P&C Grow! Let It Grow! Let It Grow!

  90. ilb2001

    Very cute:


  91. ilb2001

    Excellent place to donate:


  92. German Shepherd

    Great post Keep posting. Thank you for your article, really used. Very nice blog will comeback again.

  93. Tiki


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