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Kitty bath time


P&C friend and contributor Diane again is fostering some baby kittens, about 8 or 9 weeks old. She’s minding them while house-sitting for some friends, so in honor of letting her baby the kitties at their place, the kitties are named in their honor. I give you Chip (black) and Maria (tortoise) at bath time. If this isn’t adorable, then I don’t what is!

First, Chip:

Any time I can catch a cute kitty tongue in a picture, I’m happy.

Now, dry off time…

Now it’s Maria’s turn.

Towel time!

I get to see these babies again this week. Can’t wait!!!

P.S. Thanks for dinner (and lunch) Di!

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6 Responses to “Kitty bath time”

  1. CR9

    Adorableness is spot on! I needed this bit of happiness today, it’s helped me cheer up. Thanks!

  2. Laurel Babcock

    welcome! come back tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. for Stanley adorableness….she just can’t help herself!

  3. Sally

    Hehe so pathetic!

  4. EddieJ

    As Joe Micheletti would say,”They are things of beauty”. Reminds me of when we took in our Calico kitten, Julie. I found her at the outdoor roller hockey rink I used to play at. We had to give her about six baths in a row to get all the fleas out. Her coat is beautiful now, though.

    The tortoise kitten also reminds me of our one cat, Halle. We found her right around Halloween. Being black with some orange mixed in, Halle seemed to be the perfect name for our “Halloween” cat.

  5. Laurel Babcock

    they are tremendously tremendous eh EddieJ?

  6. Sarah Cardamone

    Some genuinely nice stuff on this web site , I it.

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