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No longer sick as a dog


Why do people say that anyway? What does it mean, exactly, to be as “sick as a dog?” I don’t know, but I sure have been lately, so sorry for the absence the past few days.
I hope everyone’s having a lovely, long Memorial Day weekend. If you happen to stop by here, enjoy this smile…

I learned about this kitty trait when I had my beloved Zamboni. I left a cardboard box used to bring terrace plants upstairs by the front door, intending to throw it out. By Z commandeered it and, being the sucker I am, that dang box sat by my door for three years before he passed. And it even made me sad to throw it out :(
Here’s a teaser photo, hit this link for the rest. And I thank my brother blog leader for alerting me to this in the first place. I give you, ways to sleep comfortably in a box :)

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8 Responses to “No longer sick as a dog”

  1. CR9

    That is just absolutely too cute!!!

    Is that picture above of the great Zamboni or from the linked site?

  2. CR9

    Ok, it’s a teaser photo from the linked site. My bad!

  3. Carp

    feel better!

  4. Laurel Babcock

    Hello CR! No, that’s from the site. I came to this blog long after I said goodbye to Zamboni, sadly, cause he made Stanley’s photogenic-ness look amateurish. I’ll have to find a pic of him to post one day….

  5. Laurel Babcock

    Thanks Carp! wow, Carp commented on sister blog! Great day!

  6. CR9

    Carp is here! You’re awesome Carp!

    You better find a picture(s) of Zamboni to put on here! :)

  7. Laurel Babcock

    I’ll try CR. It will take some time. He’s on an old digital camera card, which will take me a while to download and figure out. Nobody ever accused me of being a tech genius :)

  8. Jenae Danesh

    its great stuff you’ve got in here. Have been searching for articles on this everywhere. Good work

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