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West Coast kitties


Greetings all! I’ve officially returned from my latest trip out West and am back in business. I spent the week visiting my furry West Coast family, most of whom recently moved to Las Vegas (only the kitties, no Prince the pup). I was so busy trying to win money and not gain weight (the total opposite happened, alas) that I didn’t take many pics, but managed to snap a few.

(I also visited a friend who recently adopted a mama and baby Russian blue. Gorgeous!!!!! But too skittish for me to get any pictures).

So, we begin with Tigger (furry yellow) and Ribeye (dark gray and tan) starting off their morning with a little friendly wrassle outside my bedroom’s terrace door.

My friend lives on the 43rd floor of a 45-story building, with spectacular floor-to-ceiling window views of mountains in the distance and the city below. The outside ledge of these windows attracts the occasional Nevada pigeon. The kitties, naturally, are enthralled:

Ribeye and Porkchop join in….

After drooling over the bird (do cats drool?) it’s time to hit the kibble bowl:

And lastly, my ever loving Ribeye, who just could not stand being ignored while we worked on a large puzzle (of a cat, of course). It didn’t work when she pawed pieces off the table and she wasn’t satisfied with a pet while in a nearby chair. So here’s her solution. Table for 1 please?!

Girls, it was wonderful as always to see you. Say hi and thank Mom again for me!!

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