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Happy New Year!


Well, I don’t know about you all, but I’m just thrilled to bits 2009 is done with. Not that there weren’t some good things — the birth of my first niece chief among them — but all in all I can’t say I’m unhappy to start a new year.
I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe New Year’s Eve, and here’s to a better 12 months ahead.
Hard to believe, but I’ve been at this blog a little more than 16 months now. I’d just like to thank everyone for all their support and contributions this past year, and keep it coming in 2010!

When I first started here, I introduced you to Stanley and Cup, who you’ve gotten to know over time. It’s been a long time and many, many posts since then, so as an end-of-year gift I thought I’d share these old pics of the girls when they were just little babies. Oh I miss those days!

Here’s Stanley (look at those ears!):


And here’s Cup (so teensy!):black-cat

Oh yes, and a Happy New Year to all four-footers!

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Laurel Babcock is the Community Life editor for The Journal News, Express Publications and LoHud.com. She grew up with a beloved mutt and was surrounded by dogs into young adulthood. She liked cats enough, but didn't really think of them as true pets. That changed when her brother brought an abandoned 4-week-old kitty into the family, dooming us all. Laurel currently serves as staff for two completely adored cats, Stanley and Cup, both girls.


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