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The Turkish Van…or Stanley on steroids


As promised, Nasty 1 from the brother blog sent me photos of his cat, VJ (whence the name Nasty?), a Turkish Van. This is a new breed to me, but I’ll tell you, they look really cool, and having done some online research, VJ is an good-looking member of his breed!
And Nasty 1 was right, this fella is a big boy. He looks very similar to Stanley, but about 4 times the size. I give you VJ, the Turkish Van, who apparently rules the house. Hey Nasty, tell us some more….IMG00041-20091021-2203IMG00043-20091021-2204IMG00042-20091021-2204IMG00040-20091021-2203

Finally, his face…IMG00036-20091021-2125IMG00038-20091021-2125IMG00039-20091021-2125-1

Excellent Nasty 1. Thanks so much! If anyone is interested, you can learn all about Turkish Vans here.

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20 Responses to “The Turkish Van…or Stanley on steroids”

  1. ilb2001

    Izzy one!He is cute. But is that a cat or a puma?

  2. Nasty 1

    Ha, he is definitely a cat, but man he is a big and strong. You can see his muscles when he walks. People honestly gasp when they see him for the first time.

    A friend of ours came over, and she had her dog with her. Some little mini poodle or something, and VJ let this dog know exactly who is the boss of this house. It was so funny to see a dog running away from my cat. I wish I had recorded it.

    He definitely is a lot of fun, and definitely has the personality of a dog. I must say that I wasn’t really a cat person before I adopted him. VJ is all personality and a very fun pet.

    I have seen some very big cats before, but he is definitely the most massive cat that I have ever seen in person.

  3. Nasty 1

    P.S. He has his own cup that he drinks from in the sink. He loves running water from the faucet as well. He will drink from the faucet and let the water just run over his head. I was blown away when I first learned of his love for the water. In all my years, any cat that I have seen, has always hated the water. Not this guy. He will jump right in the shower if you are not paying attention. The other night I was eating a burger from Wendy’s and some of the meat had fallen off on to the floor, and like a dog, VJ ran over to it and ate it right up.

  4. Sally

    LOL his name is VJ?!?

  5. Staal Wart

    Nasty 1 Sweet mother!
    that cat is nice!!!

  6. Laurel Babcock

    Nasty, my former cat Zamboni was a faucet drinker too. And Cup, of course, has her own cup that she drinks from too! Funny.

  7. Spiderpig

    I don’t even think the pictures do it justice to how big VJ is! That was hilarious when I read over on the “brother blog” that he jumped into the shower with you. That’s crazy. Based on your own handle here, I might understand the meaning of the name, but let me know if I’m wrong.

  8. Laurel Babcock

    I’m seriously stupid apparently….I’m the only one not getting the meaning of VJ’s name….

  9. Spiderpig

    If it is what I think it is, you probably don’t wanna know, but I could be wrong.

  10. Laurel Babcock

    If I think it is what you’re saying you think it is, oy vey! that is nasty!

  11. Nasty 1

    When we adopted him, he already had the name VJ. It is because of his markings. The black on his face, at the top, is in the shape of a V, and his tail is always curled up and looks like a J. The name was given to him by the old woman who owned him before I adopted him. She had to give him up because of her husband. VJ, knocked over his canary cage, broke it in half, and ate 2 of 3 of his canarys. True story. So that is how he got his name.

  12. Laurel Babcock

    HA! Thanks for clearing that up….not what anyone expected I’m sure.

  13. Nasty 1

    HAHA, I know. Funny though, right? He really is a lot of fun. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and he is pretty good with them too. It took a while though, because, it is HIS house, LOL.

  14. Laurel Babcock

    Oh, I figured out who runs your house pretty quickly from those photos!

  15. Sally

    It’s a pretty funny name still!

  16. CCCP

    Whoa, dude! That is one huge feline! Awesome cat! I like the name too…very creative!

    Have you seen my cat? :P

  17. Anthony M

    I bet VJ is guarding the remote in that last picture so no one switches off the Rangers game! Definitely the Zdeno Chara of cats :-)

  18. Spiderpig

    OK, that’s a lot better than I expected. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a pet with essentially two initials as a name. Very nice!

  19. Steve C

    Nasty, he’s a beauty thanks for the pictures.

  20. Linda

    what a great cat, since he’s a boy cat I’ll say handsome!! thanks for sharing the pics Nasty! he’s a piece of work!!

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