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Help find Ardsley cat shooter


Yet another reason to put two-footers at the top of my list of hates. A colleague alerted me to this story on WABC-New York’s Web site, for which I give full credit for this report.
Officers from the SPCA of Westchester’s Humane Law Enforcement Department found “FLASH”, a 2 year old black male cat had been “shot” by what appears to have been a high powered air gun last Friday in Ardsley (NY).

The pellet entered the cat’s shoulder area, tore through both lungs and is lodged near or in the cat’s stomach. Flash’s condition on Friday was not good but has slightly improved over the weekend.7071799_600x338

Flash, who is an indoor/outdoor cat, was in good shape on Monday morning, October 12th when he was let out of the house for his usual daily stroll. Flash returned home later that day at approximately 5:00 PM and appeared lethargic and would not eat.

On October 15th, “FLASH” was brought to the vet by his owners as his condition was worsening. An X-RAY taken by the vet revealed the internal damage done to “FLASH”.

The SPCA of Westchester’s Humane Law Enforcement officers have started a criminal investigation into the person(s) responsible for causing Flash’s injuries and are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a potential suspect or suspects.

Officers are urging the public to come forward with any information that may help in this investigation. Flash was known to frequent the streets of Western Drive, Eastern Drive, Orlando Avenue and Park Avenue of Ardsley, NY.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the SPCA’s Hotline number 914-941-7797. All calls are confidential.

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