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Beryl, the large rescued mess


Brace yourselves. The first picture not so bad, as an introduction. The second, adorableness (I love making up words for this blog) but gets to the point. The third though, kinda gross. Not get your kids away from the screen gross, but still….

So, this is the start of the story of Beryl. Pic #1:

What, you say, that’s not so bad, aside from the large not supposed to be there black mark above her nose, right? (And notice lack of fur at top of front legs)


That’s a somewhat deceiving picture because Beryl is soooo happy to have been rescued by my Dad and his wife, Teri, golden owner/trainer extraordinaire, and to be living in their home with her new brother Bentley (whose butt is in above picture, but he’s another story altogether). But trust me. As Teri says, Beryl was mess when they first rescued her. Biggest problem, literally, she was ridiculously overweight for a 5-year-old. Pic #2:

Sweet, right, but geez, massive, and I know because I was greeted by her at that size.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get Teri to write me the whole story of Beryl to share with you, cause it’s a good one and she can tell it better than me. She took this “mess” and turned her into a healthy, happy, fit, furry loving girl….those photos come tomorrow.

In the meantime, Pic #3, the gross one. Beryl is stretched out here happy and relaxed, but retriever people, you can look at this and know it’s not right.
Shudder. Snaps to Teri and Dad (Teri!) for giving this good heart and soul a home and fixing her up right.

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